The Balnaferry Campanile is a mini-ring of 8 bells, tenor 15lbs 1oz, housed in our loft.

Balnaferry Campanile
The bells

The bells were installed by Matthew Higby and Co. Ltd on 28th March 2019, and are rung from one of the bedrooms. At present the Balnaferry Campanile is the most northerly set of bells hung for change ringing in the world.

We ring on the 2nd Sunday each month from 2pm until 4pm. Follow our exploits on our Facebook page

To date (7th Jan 2023) we have had 1 peal and 4 quarter peals rung on our bells.

The ringing room
Our first peal

If you’re planning to come and ring with us please get in contact; directions can be found on